Daniel Son, Murrumbeena

I had just completed a training session with Andrew Ellem at Pivotal Health & Fitness.  The exercise was the snatch and the focus was technique.  After about 30 minutes of training, my shoulders and my legs were bushed and I was ready for breakfast.  My sister had told me about a new place that had opened up about three weeks ago near her place and while there weren’t many reviews on it yet, my guts said that we should give it a go.

Daniel Son

An hour later, I was sitting in Daniel Son with Andrew, his wife and bub, and Kieran from Stoneography.  My first thought about the place was that it used to be the Esoteric Bookshop, a place that I used to hang out at while I was at uni… a long, long time ago!  Once I had overcome the flashback, I enjoyed the abundance of natural light bouncing off the white walls and the great use of space that continued outside in the rear courtyard.

Daniel Son

Daniel Son is a 35-seater café run by experienced mother/son team Trish and Todd Pryse.  Perfectly situated next to Murrumbeena Train Station, its open daily for breakfast and lunch, and they make great coffee using Coffee Supreme beans.  The name of the café comes from a combination of things – The Karate Kid, Todd’s stepfather Daniel, and Todd being the only son.

Coffee was the first point on our agenda and while my soy latte didn’t come out cascading, it was still smooth and creamy and a pleasure to drink – something I accredit to both Coffee Supreme’s South Blend and the barista’s skills.

Coffee at Daniel Son

When the time came to order food, I was still undecided.  I couldn’t choose between the Early Morning Burger with a sausage patty, bacon, egg and cheese or the Inglorious Bastard with a pulled pork hash.  Porque no los dos?  I ordered the Early Morning Burger with the pulled pork hash instead of the sausage patty – the Morning Bastard.  I got a little excited…

It arrived shortly afterwards, standing tall and proud on the plate.  There was no need to faff with garnish or sides – this baby demanded attention.  I gave it a big swirl of hot chilli sauce and prepared for my ascent to heaven.

The Morning Bastard at Daniel Son

The pulled pork hash was the main attraction – a crispy square of tender, moist meat flakes full of savoury flavour that was only complimented by the bacon and gooey egg yolk.  The added chilli sauce gave it a well deserved kick and it wasn’t long before my plate was bare.

YUM!  Daniel Son!

It’s always worth giving a new place a go, even if they haven’t got any reviews yet!  Instead of following in the footsteps of others, grow some balls and make your own path.  For me, word-of-mouth recommendations need to be backed up with praise from independent sources, but for Daniel Son, I had nothing else to go on.  Regardless, I jumped in and didn’t want to get out.  Pulled pork hash for breakfast, lunch AND DINNER!!!


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