Pugg Mahone’s Irish Pub, CBD

A stint in Melbourne wouldn’t be the same without a night out with Helen and Casey.  Choosing a venue was tough but the winner ended up being Pugg Mahone’s Irish Pub, purely because of the $15 dinner specials.  Plus, it was Mad Monday and Mexican night so anything could happen – right?

Pugg Mahone's

We rocked up, kissed and cuddled and caught up on what had been happening in the last few months.  When everyone had arrived, we moved to a bigger table and ordered.  Mad Monday meant $10 parmas and $5 pints, and because of the Mexican influence, they also had a Mexican Parma for $16.  It was chicken titties all round, except for Casey who settled on a sexy-looking Housemade Vegie Burger with lettuce, tomato and onion jam.

The Vegie Burger - Pugg Mahone's

The only difference between the standard parma and the mexi-parma were the juicy jalapeños, hot salami and corn chips that were marmaladed into a dollop of guacamole on the top of the lot.  My dinner kinda reminded me of the Sydney Opera House, but I wasn’t impressed about the chips being covered by the chicken… bad form!

Mexican Parma - Pugg Mahone's

We ate… and it was good.  The chicken breast was thick and juicy with a crispy edge despite the generous topping.  The jalapeños and hot salami gave it fire while the guacamole cooled it down, even though the flavour of the guacamole wasn’t that great.  The chips were nice and crispy if you can manage to get them out from underneath the parma quick enough, and the salad was a fresh but unmemorable side.

Pugg Mahone's

I was really happy with everything – cheap beer, cheap dinner, great company and a great atmosphere.  It wasn’t so loud that we couldn’t hear each other speak but it wasn’t awkwardly quiet.  The pub décor is very traditional with lots of wood and brass so it was really homey and relaxed, but if I had to pick on anything, it was probably a little dark, but I had a pimple so it was probably a good thing.



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