Thuan Phu Restaurant, Springvale South

You have no idea how I have been craving pho since leaving Melbourne.  I simply could not find pho of equal standard.  I went to the ‘best’ Vietnamese restaurant in Adelaide and it was thoroughly disappointing and overpriced.  I went to the ‘best’ Vietnamese restaurant in Perth and it came pretty close but the service and layout of the restaurant was designed to appeal to the yuppies that breeze through at lunchtime.

I was back in Melbourne briefly for a friend’s wedding and it was time to get dirty.  The lovely ladies at Hollywood Nails that did my mani pedi were Vietnamese and I asked, “where is the best place for pho in the south east?”

After a few minutes of deliberation, the response was Thuan Kieu.  I was puzzled, “You’re welcome?”

Thuan Kieu

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Where the fudge is juganaut?

Just in case you guys are wondering where I am, I’m travelling around Australia with Dave to put together a travel resource called Our Naked Australia.  We’re three months in and are in Perth at the moment.  There is so much to see of this country, I highly recommend getting out and exploring it.

Frenchman Peak, Cape Le Grand WA Hellfire Bay, Cape Le Grand WA The Valley of the Giants Bathing in a tea tree pool The Nullarbor Me and a cute little pup called Jessica Dave and I in Margaret River Go Milky Go! The Superpit in Kalgoorlie-Boulder Cave Hill in the Goldfields WA Don't try to take selfies with camels...

Not sure when I’ll be back in Melbourne.  There are still so many places I want to eat at, like Chin Chin, Hellenic Republic, Vegie Bar, St Ali, The Hardware Societé, and the elusive Taco Truck!  Hopefully all the places on my wishlist will still be there when I get back, but in the meantime, I’ll let my belly rule my mind in other places around this great country.