Brightbird Espresso, Warrnambool

Dave and I had arrived in Warrnambool and after a decent night sleep at a mate’s place, we set out for breakfast. The local tip was to head to Liebig Street to a place called Brightbird Espresso… so we did.

It looked nothing like I expected – there was so much yellow in the window that I thought it was an Optus shop, but once we were inside, the yellow bench seats and exposed light globes hanging from the ceiling on long black cables told me that we were in the right place.

We approached the counter and the guy behind the counter motioned towards the black boards with their breakfast and lunch menu. The Rad Avo with feta and avocado caught my eye while the egg and bacon roll with relish tantalised Dave.

We ordered food and coffee and went to sit down by the window. We didn’t have to wait long. Our coffees arrived looking just like they would if we were in Melbourne – good head and a sexy rich colour. My soy latte was nice and creamy and went down a treat.

Next up was food, and Dave’s egg and bacon roll looked great. It was served in toasted Turkish bread with only a sliver of tomato relish to provide just the right amount of sweetness and spice. Dave was really happy with the gooey eggs and inhaled his breakfast.

My Rad Avo was sensational. Two slices of toasted sourdough topped with pickled radishes, cubed avocado, feta cheese, capers and dill. Each mouthful was creamy and zingy and absolutely scrumptious! Towards the end, I took a bite that was mainly feta and capers and there was a flavour explosion. So yummy…


If you’re hanging about in Warrnambool, definitely check out Brightbird Espresso – you won’t be disappointed. The atmosphere is welcoming, the staff are able and friendly, and the food is excellent!

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