Trunk Bar & Restaurant, Melbourne

Dave was finishing up at work and I was invited to come along to his farewell lunch at Trunk Restaurant and Bar in the city.  I was really excited to meet his soon to be ex-colleagues and finally put faces to names!

I got there a tad early so I sat in their colourful beer garden with a pint of Mt. Kosciuszko Pale Ale.  It had a rich golden colour that was a little cloudy, but was very refreshing and a little fruity.  The first pint disappeared quickly.

Once Dave’s crew had arrived, we moved into the restaurant & bar area to our booked table in the back room.  The bar area was in a great big building with a peppermint ceiling, clean white walls and wooden floors.  Exposed globes hung from the ceiling and copper pipes supplied power to the wall fixtures.  It was bright and refreshing, unlike our back-room dining area…

It was a little warm and stuffy so we asked to have the air conditioning turned on and possibly a window opened.  They were really nice about it and obliged.

The menu was difficult – so many options and delicious-sounding dishes.  I couldn’t decide between the Monte Mare pizza with artichoke puree, prawns, calamari, Blue Swimmer crab, parsley, garlic, chilli & lemon or the Duck Salad with beans, beetroot, feta and pomegranate.  The moustached waiter didn’t hesitate to recommend the duck salad so I went with that.

While we waited for our meals, a board of bread arrived with a olive oil and balsamic vinegar bread dip.  The bread was beautiful – warm and gummy but as usual, it doesn’t matter how much I dunked it into the oil, I only get a smidgen of vinegar.  Does this happen to anyone else?

Our food arrived shortly afterwards and when I saw my plate, I was a little dismayed about the size.  It was colourful nonetheless – a messy pile of pink, white and green.

The duck portions were tender and had enough guts to break through the other flavours, particularly the super sweet pomegranate dressing that reminded me of concentrated raspberry cordial!  I felt like I was eating a dessert salad!

The beetroot added another dimension of sweetness while the beans and fresh watercress supplied relief.  I was hoping that the feta would provide a punch of tart flavour but it’s only defining feature was that it was creamy – that’s it!

I started to eye Dave’s Veal Schnitzel with Trunk-slaw… and he let me have some for a piece of duck.  He had squeezed lemon juice all over the meat and this made it extra moist and juicy – devine! The Trunk-slaw was fresh and crisp but still creamy and very salty from the copious amounts of parmesan cheese.

Chris ordered the Number 5 Pizza – Prosciutto, tomato passata, mozzarella, & rocket.  It was HUGE and he couldn’t finish it so I was willing to help out and supplement my meal with a slice.

The prosciutto and rocket did an amazing job at masking how much passata was on this pizza.  It wasn’t terrible, but there was so much tomato that I couldn’t taste the prosciutto or mozzarella!  Regardless, it had a nice base and was a welcome flavour sensation.


I enjoyed my time at the Trunk Restaurant & Bar chatting and eating, but a little part of me yearned to be outside in the Diner section, enjoying the sun while eating dang quesadillas and diner dogs.  The staff were lovely, the atmosphere had variety and the food came out quickly and was palatable.

If I do come back to Trunk – it’ll be for something a little less fancy.

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