Puffing Billy Cafe, Belgrave

Dave and I were meeting an old high school mate for a catch up and agreed on a location in the Dandenong Ranges.  It had been a while since I visited Belgrave so we organised to meet at the Puffing Billy Cafe.

The downpour that day started in the early hours so the winding incline was slow and slippery but we allowed for the snail pace and reached the sleepy suburb of Belgrave right on time and saw the steam rising from the distant trees.


We found the Puffing Billy Cafe easy enough – it’s probably the most prominent shop on the street, other than Woolworths and the Cameo Cinemas.  Sandi was inside waiting for us and after a quick meet & greet, we settled in our booth and ordered.

I went with my usual soy latte and it arrived shortly after looking terribly bubbly.  One stir with the spoon revealed that it was going to be shit… and it was.

With food, Dave and Sandi went with the standard breakfast of eggs on toast with bacon, tomatoes and a hash brown, while I went against the grain and got the vegetarian breakfast with eggs on toast, avocado, spinach, mushrooms, tomato and beans.

The plate that was put in front of me 10 minutes later was HUGE – almost the equivalent to two plates!  Everything was spaced out nicely though, but the sight of the square white bread made me angry.

I tucked in and found that this breakfast was very standard – gooey poached eggs on shitty white bread, tasteless grilled tomatoes, plain avocado, tinned beans and a mixture of wilted spinach and sauteed mushrooms.

I ate it – the end.


I was expecting something a bit better.  I imagined that Belgrave had revamped itself over the last 5 years and earned a decent place in the game but it seems that they are still a little behind the rest of the world… or at least Puffing Billy Cafe is.  Still, the meal was cheap for the quantity so I guess their food pleases if you’re hungry and poor.

Puffing Billy Cafe on Urbanspoon


After breakfast, Dave and I drove over to the Puffing Billy platform to check out the choo-ing trains.

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