Jus Burgers, South Yarra

When I found out that there was a burger joint called Jus Burgers, I promised myself I’d go to try it out purely because one of my nickname is Jus.  I’m sure that if the place was called Jus Dildos Galore, I’d still wanna go and check it out.

Jus Burgers started out in Perth and after achieving huge success with three stores, the owner decided to move to Melbourne and bring his gourmet burgers with him.  You’re perhaps wondering how this place is any different from Burger Edge, Urban Burger and Grill’d. Well, they all have the same things in common – funky, youthful, cool, burgers.

Dave and I got to the place just before 2pm and it was busy.  Everyone must have been taking advantage of the $10 lunch special.  It was super colourful inside, with lots of different textures – wood panels, chalkboard, tiled walls and AstroTurf.

The nice girl behind the counter gave us a menu so that we could choose our burgers.  Dave went with the Pommy beef burger with back bacon and cheese while I went with the Mullet beef burger with bacon, egg, beetroot and cheese.

Once we ordered, we were given a toy dinosaur with our order number on it and we ventured into the back room to find some room to sit down.  While we waited for our food, Dave found some crayons and paper and we did some colouring.

A short while later, our burgers arrived, each impaled with a steak knife to keep it together.  The burger was halved to create a more manageable size before it was inserted into my face.

The Turkish bun was sprinkled with salt, which I found to be great because it stuck to my lips and enhanced the flavour of the burger.  The beetroot provided vivid colour and sweetness, as did the tomato relish, which was surprisingly yielding to the other flavours.  The beef patty was a bit dry – possibly from being overcooked – but it was a substantial size and still edible.

Dave and I shared our burgers so I got to sample some of his Pommy.  It was very similar to mine; it just lacked the egg and beetroot.  He liked his Pommy better than my Mullet and my preference was vice versa.  I think that all burgers should have beetroot.

When we had finished our meals, our fingers were messier than the plates.  They should give out those refresher towels that you used to be able to get at KFC.  Does KFC still do them?  I haven’t been there since I got a cold Tower burger one time… about a decade ago.

All in all, I liked Jus Burgers.  The staff were pleasant, the atmosphere was hip and happening and the burgers were good.  I am a little sore about missing out on onion rings this time, but I’m sure I can find some time to swing past in the next two weeks.


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