Danny’s Burgers, North Fitzroy

It was another night without a kitchen.  The house was all packed up and ready to be handed over to the new tenants and it was time for dinner.  We just happen to be at Piedemonte’s buying some beer so we headed up to Danny’s Burgers.

I remember coming here a long time ago at about 3am for a burger.  I had quite a bit to drink that night and mindlessly ate the fats and carbs in an attempt to reduce the hangover in the morning.  It worked, but I don’t recall whether I liked the burger so I wanted to try it dead sober.

We walked in at about 6pm and there was already a crew of hungry customers waiting for their burger.  We were third in line when we arrived, which gave us time to check out the overhead menu.  You could have a single, double or triple meat beef burger or chicken burger, with fillings ranging from plain to ‘the lot’.  They also had a lamb burger, steak sandwiches and chips.

Dave and I ordered one single chicken burger with the lot, one single beef burger with the lot and a small bowl of chips.  We were given a number and sat down at the diner-style bench to wait.

It was a bit of a wait – they seemed to be busy even though there wasn’t THAT many people there.  They had four guys working on the burgers but the rate of delivery was quite slow.

Our chips arrived first – simple straight cut chips with a bit of plain salt. They were cooked until crispy but there was no flair or pizzazz.  It was just a plain chip.

Once we got our burgers, they looked good – a neatly stacked burger that was cut in half for our eating convenience.

The beef burger was very salty due to the bacon and tomato sauce; flavours that seemed to dominate over everything else.

The chicken burger has a softer flavour and the tomato sauce was dumped for some rosemary mayonnaise.

If the thing that makes Danny’s Burgers ‘so great’ was present during this meal, then I must have forgotten to eat it because I was not particularly impressed.  The burger size didn’t match the price and the flavour was standard.  Maybe that’s the point… and I missed it.

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2 thoughts on “Danny’s Burgers, North Fitzroy

  1. I have been eating here since the 80′s my father in law since the 50′s.
    This is one of the legendary real burger joints that still exist in Melbourne.
    It’s down to earth with consistent quality since the 1940’s. Not many food establishments can even begin to reach this benchmark. The only thing that has changed is it was painted in the 90’s and the Fitzroy Footie posters and the ‘Lions Dens’ sign taken down.
    The style is plain, but does the job. It is value for money. The only burger worth eating is the one with the lot with chips, you have to ask for a slice of cheese.
    In all my time of eating here, I have always had great diner food cooked how it should be cooked, not catering to fashion or style. This is no gourmet burger joint, but it knows what it does best and long may it reign over other fashion burger joints.

    • Hey Simon,

      I know what you mean about ‘fashion’ burger joints – they do exist and are rocking the market.

      If you are after a simple burger, then sure, Danny’s Burgers will hit the spot – but if you’re after a little more creativity and a variety of flavour, it’s probably best to go elsewhere. I’ve had my fair share of boring burgers and love a good flavour sensation!


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