Cafe Villa, Dandenong

Another run-around day brought us to Dandenong just in time for breakfast.  I wasn’t particularly hopeful about what the local cafes could offer but I was willing to give the most highly rated cafe on Urbanspoon a go – Cafe Villa.

We chose a table outside in the sun and settled down with the paper when one of the staff came around to take our order.  He looked like the owner – a loose-necked black t shirt with a woven fedora hat, chains around his neck and a very polite demeanor.

I have to tell you now – I wasn’t expecting much.  I didn’t even want to give them the opportunity to give me a shitty breakfast so I ordered a soy latte and a Veggie Delight Pide instead.  Keep it simple, stupid.

The coffee came out in an opaque cup and saucer with two sachets of white sugar. It looked alright – not as bubbly as Puffing Billy Cafe‘s effort so at least that was good.  Even though it wasn’t perfectly microfoamed with a cascading facade, the coffee was actually really tasty – smooth, almost creamy but definitely not furry, burnt or bitter. Impressed…

Next up was my pide – served on a board without cutlery or napkins.  This was noticed because the oil from the marinated eggplant and sun dried tomatoes was dripping all over my fingers.

Despite this – the pide was fucking delicious!  Juicy and moist from the vegetables, salty and savoury from the chunks of creamy feta, and the bread was soft, gummy and slightly toasted.

It was so good – I smashed the entire thing before Dave got through the first half of his egg, bacon and cheese toastie.  My pide was so good, I wasn’t even interested in tasting the toastie!

Fine! Defy my misinformed preconceptions!  Be delicious and exceed expectations.  Come on, Dandenong… what else have you got that I don’t know about?

After we finished up, I went inside to pay and the same hatted dude was at the register, serving a line of customers ordering coffee.  That popular, huh?

Once I had paid, I asked for the ladies room so I could wash my hands and the hatter kindly asked one of his staff to “show the young lady [haha – that’s me] to the washroom”.  Well, he certainly made up for not bringing out napkins.

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2 thoughts on “Cafe Villa, Dandenong

  1. Hi guys .sorry for late response but thanks for your honest feedback enjoyed reading your blog ,next time in dandy pop in and see us again as we have an interesting story to tell you. Keep up your honesty within our industry we love it . HATTED DUDE

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