Boundary Espresso, Preston

Some of you might not know this but I’ve recently resigned from my job so that my boyfriend and I can travel around the country.  We’re going to work on a travel site for young people called Our Naked Australia.

Anyway, because Karryn’s away this week and Simon’s away next week, I get to have two farewell lunches.  I have absolutely no problem with this; what you should know by now is that I love second breakfast.

For the first farewell lunch, Di, Simon, Lucy and I went to Boundary Espresso on Plenty Road in Thornbury.  Forever on my wishlist, always driving past and constantly hearing about how good it was but never making the time to go… until today.

The weather was a bit shit so it was a pleasure to be sheltered from the cold.  The inside decor was a combination of rusticity, vintage and modernity, and the blue feature wall and light fixtures created a cool and soothing atmosphere.

We ordered coffee while perusing the menu.  My soy latte arrived first with the beautiful cascading effect pouring down the sides.  It was deliciously creamy but could have been a little stronger.  They use Coffee Supreme, which is the same brand of coffee that Bric-a-Brac use.

Once again, I couldn’t decide what to eat so I asked the young waitress which she would choose – the artichoke omelette or the green eggs and ham.  She kindly admitted to being a vegetarian so her choice would be bias, so I asked, “which smells the best?” and the answer was what I wanted to hear.

The food didn’t take long at all.  My green eggs and ham was not what I was expecting! Baked eggs topped with thickly cut smoked ham and a spoonful of pesto, with toasted Turkish bread, rocket salad and a generous wedge of butter on the side.

I have to admit – it tasted fantastic but I was a little unsure how to eat it.  Usually my eggs are poached and on top of my toast but in this case I had to dress my bread.  I won’t shy away from saying that I used the entire wedge of butter; it was luscious and salty and my first bite into the toast resulted in a line of butter dripping down my chin.

The combination of egg, smoked ham and pesto was great, and the rocket salad provided just the right amount of acidity and freshness.  My only grime was the amount of fat on the ham… (yes, I realise I ate all the butter but that’s different!)

I can see why this little café gets so much attention.  It’s modest, relaxed, friendly and gentle, their coffee is smooth and their food is stimulating without being overworked.  I’d love to try the toast with avocado next time, or even one of their pide… but I won’t think we’ll get a chance before we leave for our adventure.

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