Super Tasty Rooster, North Fitzroy

Dave and I were heading home after a long day’s work and we could not be bothered cooking.  Hell, I couldn’t even be bothered writing this blog post and actually considered just having the images and letting you figure out for yourself whether it was good or not.

Obviously I decided not to do that…

We pulled up outside the chook shop and marched inside for express ordering, service and departure.  We chose the half chicken with chips and salad for $14.20, and I anxiously eyed these two stuffed chickens while we waited for our food…

I’m sorry, ok!  You’re delicious & I’m going to eat you!

Their selections of salads were impressive, fresh and colourful.  The beetroot salad caught my eye, so we got that and the typical Greek salad with feta cubes.

The people behind the counter, especially the guy who served us, seemed really nice and aware that they made good food. I think they get their butts kissed regularly by the locals.

Once our food was ready, everything was bundled into a Styrofoam container and bagged for our convenience   We dashed back to the car to get home quickly but was intercepted by the shit peak hour traffic on St Georges Road.  Faaaaaaark…. car smelt like chicken but traffic wasn’t moving.

We finally got home, dumped everything that wasn’t food by the door and snapped open our dinner.  Everything still looked and smelt the part, but the ride home removed the crisp from the chips and the juicy from the goosey… I mean chicken.  They still tasted good, but not ‘fresh’ good.

The beetroot salad was still amazing.  Plump beetroot with onion and zesty dressing, while the feta cubes and olives in the Greek salad provided a punch of flavour.

We would love to come back to Super Tasty Rooster for some well seasoned cock meat.  On one condition only – that we eat in and not take away.  I don’t care what anyone says, I like my chicken and chips hot and steamy!

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