Gringo Vibes Mexican Cantina, Northcote

I got a text from mum saying that she’ll be in Heidelberg with my sister from about 6pm and was wondering if I’d be interested in dinner.  Of course I’d be interested in dinner, but with those two? Let’s see how this pans out.

After a bit of indecision, the location was finally decided on after I said the word ‘burrito’ – Gringo Vibes Mexican Cantina in the upper region of Northcote.

I have to admit – I was a little excited.  Dave’s not a fan of Mexican so this was a great opportunity to satiate any bean, cheese and salsa cravings.  Mum and Cin were already there, chatting about mum’s recent holiday to Italy.  I knew Cin wanted to get home and rest because she had been up since 5:30am so I pushed a menu in front of mum so she would shush.

We decided to get a cheese quesadilla to share and a burrito each – Mum got chicken, Cin got chickpea and red curry while I got the steak burrito.  Everything came out at once, which was perfect for a double-time dinner.

The cheese quesadilla was served with mexican rice, black beans, salsa, guacamole and sour cream.  It was still warm and held together very nicely, making the perfect platform for the other ingredients.  The best part was experiencing the tasty and flavoursome cheese.  The other ingredients faded into the background and I eyed off the last slice for the rest of the meal.  I ended up splitting it with mum.

Everyone’s burrito looked the same – a little bundle wrapped in a soft tortilla with some corn chips and a dishlette of salsa on the side.  The only difference between each was the filling of the bundle.

When I cut mine open, I was expecting a bit more steak for $15 worth of burrito.  The majority of the filling was rice, with a sliver of meat on the side.

Despite this disappointment, I ate the buritto happily.  It was moist and juicy with tangy Mexican flavours and the steak was extremely tender with a great spiced flavour.  The corn chips on the side were a little odd though – not in flavour but by presence.  They seemed sad, naked and bored.  I tried to entertain them with the salsa in the dishlette but it was still weird, despite the salsa being lovely and fresh, and nothing like the jarred crap from the supermarket.

Overall, I’ll say that I liked Gringo Vibes.  The staff were really nice, the orange dining area was warm and colourful, the food tasted good and they had heaps of vegetarian options.  I’d be happy to come back again, but seriously, put more fucking steak in my burrito.

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2 thoughts on “Gringo Vibes Mexican Cantina, Northcote

  1. In most traditional mexican taquerias corn chips and salsa are served. So their ‘presence’ is not odd but very authentic. Usually the are not served on the plate but at a serve yourself counter with a selection of fresh salsa’s

    • Hi Emma,

      I guess this is a perfect example of how things are done differently. I’m glad that Gringo Vibes are serving food traditionally and haven’t changed because some silly Aussie thought it was weird.


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