Five Star Kebab, Reservoir

When it comes to kebabs from food trucks, you can’t go past Haci’s Kebabs on the corner of Bell Street and St Georges Road in Preston… until now.

I am happy to announce that I am now privileged to live within a 2 minute drive from a kebab truck that wraps up a proper decent kebab. The fire engine red caravan of Five Star Kebab is stationed at the One Stop Car Wash on High Street, just north of Rezzy junction and the railway station.  It’s only a month old and has all the token flashing cables and colored lights so you can’t miss it as you head up towards Lalor and Thomastown.

I pulled into the lot and parked right next to the outlet.  The two men inside the truck were really friendly – but the night a still young at 6:30pm.  I’d love to see what their mood is like at 2:30am on a Saturday night when they have to deal with all the pissed cunts that are heading home to the far-north suburbs.

Anyway, “two lamb kebabs” I said, and was pleasantly surprised to have an option between Lebanese bread or Turkish bread! “That’s so excellent!” I thought to myself. I ordered the fluffy Turkish bread for Dave and  went with the flat Lebanese wrap bread for myself – with chilli sauce of course!

While the food was being prepared, I peered into the caravan to inspect their cleanliness.  Everything was shiny and new, and Mr. Sheen clean so the inspection ended with a giant tick of approval.  Then I noticed their drinks fridge!  They were fully stocked with the typical cokes and lemonades, but they also had traditional Turkish Uludağ Gazoz in lemonade and orange flavour, as well as a homemade yoghurt drink.  Out of pure curiosity, I purchased a bottle of their yoghurt drink.

Once everything was prepared, they bundled it up in a plastic bag and I hooned home so we could eat!  As soon as I got home Dave knew I had just visited the new kebab place.  I expelled the contents of the plastic bag over the dining table, distributed who got what and the paper ripping began.

My lamb kebab with Lebanese bread and chilli sauce was fantasmical.  There was heaps of meat to sink my teeth into, and the salads provided freshness and crunch. The garlic sauce and chilli sauce merged and mingled to create an abundance of creamy orange sauce full of flavour and bite – the perfect moistener for this meaty meal.  Once the kebab was wrapped, it was toasted in a sandwich press, which made it’s vast size much easier to eat due to the slight rigidness of the toasted wrap.

When compared to Haci’s, Five Star offers a bigger, meatier kebab for less (only $7), and they also have the option to have Turkish Bread and a traditional drink on the side.  Haci’s still wins in the neatness department by offering a kebab that you can eat in the car without making a dripping mess… and while I support value for money, sometimes the ‘just right’ portion is far better than the gargantuan portion.  After all, you need to put your health above your pocket.

After we marmaladed those kebabs into our guts, I cracked open the yoghurt drink. I imagined it to be like a lassi – yoghurt mixed with water, with additional honey and cinnamon for a little extra sweetness.  This yoghurt drink was the opposite – salty and savoury.  Not quite was I was expecting but not disgusting.  If anything, I’d say it was a little too salty for my liking – and that’s saying a lot, considering I had just eaten a doner lamb kebab.

I am over the moon that our new kebab truck makes decent kebabs.  If they were anything like Munches on St Georges Road, we’d have a problem.

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2 thoughts on “Five Star Kebab, Reservoir

  1. I’ve been eating Kebabs now for over 15 years! Me and the boys always grab one at Haci’s on bell st on the way back home. One night on our way home we decided to stop at 5 star Kebabs st (Soakers 24 hour Car wash) . I’ve got to admit we haven’t been back to Haci’s since. Great review. thanx

  2. Horrible Kebabs.

    Rude Staff

    No Option…for any vegetarian meal and lame with rude service.

    The kebabs are not specially made…

    Please stay out from this place and save money for better healthy meals…

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