The Mitre Tavern, CBD

It had been a big day and I was ready for a big night.

Festivities began at the Mitre Tavern on Bank Place in the city.  After a couple of wines, it was time to order dinner, otherwise I wouldn’t last until 9pm.  I knew what I wanted – the Mitre Chicken Parmagiana!

We continued drinking and chatting outside while we waited for our meals to come out.  It was a cold Friday night but the outdoor area was full – mostly due to the excellent outdoor heaters.  It wasn’t long before our meals arrived.  I looked down at my plate and felt a combination of joy and disappointment…

NO SALAD!  The only other time this has happened was at Sentido Funf during their Trivia Parma special – $10 parma without salad is excusable, but this?!  
The other thing that gave me the shits was the ordinary chips with a dishlette of lazy tomato sauce.  The chips were bland, dry and terrible.
The meal’s saving grace was the parma – a big piece of crumbed chicken topped with moist, melted cheese, flavorful, savoury ham and the traditional napoli sauce for that tomato kick.
The chicken fillet was thick and crispy, but the layer between the meat and crumbs told me it was pre-cooked then re-cooked to order.  No matter – it was absolutely delicious and by the end, there was nothing left of it.

We had been to the steakhouse upstairs a few weeks earlier and were thoroughly impressed with the quality of the food and service.  Now that I’ve experienced the downstairs pub, the distinction is clear:
  • Upstairs - “here is your choice cut of meat with delicious potato creations and salad, madam!”
  • Downstairs - “you’re a pissed cunt so eat this parma and shoddy chips without salad and be happy, ya mongrel.”
Despite the evident differences, I foresee that I will be back to both upstairs and downstairs dining rooms in the near or distant future.

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