The Gertrude Hotel, Fitzroy

Mum had commandeered our Monday night by buying us all tickets to see Johnny Depp’s new film Dark Shadows at IMAX.  We had an hour to waste, which is the perfect amount of time for a meal in my opinion.

We went to the Gertrude Hotel in Fitzroy after hearing about their $16 Steak Mondays.  They also do $12 Parma Tuesdays, $12 Fish ‘n’ Chip Wednesdays and cheap drinks on Thursdays and Fridays.

On arrival, I ordered a lovely glass of Bottle Tree Shiraz Cabernet from Warren in NSW.  I sensed  fruity flavours paired with a mild spice with a juicy finish.  Very drinkable!

Once we were seated, it was a unanimous vote for the porterhouse steak with red wine jus, French fries and salad.  I made a special request for more salad and less fries… pretty please.  Obliged? How kind!

The sexy steak cooked medium rare was sitting in a puddle of sauce next to my faggot of fries, with my mountain of salad hanging over the lot. Each morsel of the steak was evenly cooked, juicy and tender, with a good size and thickness.  The red wine jus provided ample flavour and moisture.

The chips were deliciously light and crispy on the outside with fluffy substance on the inside despite their skinny cut.  They were well seasoned, not oily and apparently tasted like garlic bread when dipped in the aioli sauce.  The salad was fresh and dressed just enough to provide lubrication without an overpowering flavour.

After our meals, we scooted off to see the film.  It was exactly what I expected – lots of fantasy and colour – but it didn’t blow my socks off like that $16 steak did… bravo!

I will be back to the Gertrude Hotel soon.  I’m excited to see what their chicken parma will be like.  I also found the staff to be really friendly and let me taste the wines before committing to a full glass.  The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, with a great public bar area at the front and a cosy dining area at the back.  How did I now know about this place earlier?!

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