World of Food, Murrumbeena

It had been some time since the ladies of the family had come together and where in the same room at the same time so we organised to have a nice Sunday morning breakfast at World of Food in Murrumbeena – a catering company that runs a café that does breakfast and lunch on all days except Monday.

It’s a very classy place, with big chalk boards displaying specials and menu times, as well as other cultured nic-nacs like a miniature Eiffel Tower and a Roman-style clock. The light fixture did give the place a modern touch but it wasn’t overpowering so there was still a warm sense of worldliness.

Once we got settled in, a waitress came by with the menu and ready to take coffee orders. I went with my usual strong soy latte, which came out looking scrumptious. Despite the froth forming a bit of a skin, the head was silky and smooth while the brew was strong and delicious. It had a wonderful flavour that was both rich and sweet. The hot beverage was inhaled…

The menu had a great selection of breakfast items, including the traditional Eggs Benedict and eggs cooked to your liking on toast. I couldn’t quite find what I was craving for so I just told the waitress what I wanted – two poached eggs on toast with avocado and Persian fetta. Coming right up!

Our food arrived after a noticable wait. The café wasn’t tremendously busy, so I can only put it down to poor kitchen management or they were understaffed. The other, more positive reason for waiting so long was because the food was prepared fresh and with love and care.

My plate was well spaced out with one slice of Phillippa’s campagnard toast topped with two well-rounded poached eggs, with a side dish of crumbed fetta and half a sliced avocado. They even gave me a wedge of lemon.

In preparation for mastication, I took the eggs off the toast and spread half the avocado and half the fetta onto the bread. I then returned the eggs. I put the rest of the avocado in the dishlette with the rest of the fetta, added some lemon and created a zesty paste for scooping.

The eggs copped the first test – will they be yolky enough? After I gave the white orb a good gash, only a little bit of yolk came out. They may have overdone the eggs a tad, but since there was still a little bit of goo – forgiveable.

The second test was for the bread – will it be a real sourdough? Yes, it was, and it was absolutely magnificent- a thick crust that didn’t split your lip with a gorgeously gummy and moist centre. For anyone who is interested, the bread was by Phillippa’s – a Campagnard Bloomer, which is a French style sourdough. If you see it in the shops, grab yourself a loaf!

The Persian fetta was wonderfully creamy with a bite that was smoothed over with the mild avocado. My zesty paste was a perfect addition to each mouthful and before I knew it, my plate was empty. I immediate felt a sense of longing. Despite being adequately satiated, I was going to miss my breakfast…

World of Food was an unexpected delight. The service was relaxed and friendly, the coffee was delicious, and the food of very high quality (despite the overcooked egg). After our meal, I was directed to go upstairs and check out their function room, which would be perfect for a lunchtime office schmooze-fest, annual women’s poker tournament, or even a winter baby shower.

I’ll be back for you, breakfast and delicious coffee…

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