Lena’s Café, Reservoir

It was a lovely winters day and lunchtime was approaching.  The boss was in town so we decided to check out the new café that had opened up across the road from Reservoir Station – Lena’s Café.  I had walked past a few days earlier and noticed they had some great deals on food and the potential to make a good coffee.
The place was light and bright and fresh with a sandwich bar and open kitchen to the side.  It had those great Italian posters framed on the wall, and I thought it was ingenious to have a big roll of brown paper displaying the daily specials.

We sat down and ordered some coffee.  I went with the typical soy latte, but because it was lunchtime, regular strength would be enough.  It arrived shortly after and looked thick and rich.  The actual coffee flavour was beautifully smooth and roasted, almost nutty.  There was absolutely no bitterness and it went down a treat.  New café can make a great coffee – tick!

I ordered the warm chicken salad because I wanted a light lunch and I was pleasantly surprised when this colourful pile was put in front of me.  It was a mountain of mixed greens with Spanish onion, tomato, olive, cucumber and slices of cooked chicken with minimal balsamic dressing and a wedge of lemon.
The chicken had the dry, overcooked texture but was still tasty and easy to chew because it was cut against the grain.  All the vegetables were fresh and crisp, and the combination of dressing and lemon juice provided just enough moisture and zest to make the salad pop.  All of this for $12!
I was really impressed with the quality and care of Lena’s Café.  The staff went out of their way to ensure satisfaction, the atmosphere was clean and light, and I’d very much like to come back and try their chicken parmagiana with chips and salad for $14, and even sample their poached eggs and bacon.  

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