Yarra Glen Cafe & Store, Yarra Glen

Today was going to be a super special day.  We were going to have our first 4WD lesson with mates in Toolangi forest!  The plan was to meet in Yarra Glen and drive to the slopes and puddles from there, but Dave and I had to stop off for breakfast.

I had initially planned to eat at Marsala Café but they hadn’t opened shop yet and it was almost 9am!  We headed over to the Yarra Glen Café and Store instead.  It was set up in an old-style house, with wooden floors, lemon yellow walls and white skirting boards and detailing over the walkways.  There was even some fireplaces to give the atmosphere some extra charm.

We sat down by the window and a very young waitress came over with some menus.  I was a little shocked at the price.  $12.50 for eggs on sourdough toast… a little steep for my liking but there wasn’t anywhere else we could have gone.  Most of the cafés were closed!  I got poached eggs on sourdough toast with some avocado and a strong soy latte.

The latte arrived shortly afterwards with a good measure of head, but a little on the pale side for a strong coffee.  What it lacked in flavour was made up for by the creamy froth, which wasn’t bubbly at all.

When our breakfast arrived, I was a little disheartened.  The bread didn’t look like it was sourdough, and its texture said the same.  It was dry, light and crumbly, not thick, moist and gummy like a rustic sourdough.  I was sad.

The eggs were a little underdone and the small portion of avocado wasn’t worth the extra charge.  I felt a little ripped off.

Sure, it’s close to the country and it’s set up in a cute little house but the food did not reflect the price.

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