The Banff, St Kilda

A colleague from Queensland was down in Melbourne for a work thing and decided to stay for the weekend.  She’s a big Zumba fan so I thought I’d take her to my mate’s Zumba class with a delicious breakfast in St Kilda afterwards.

The Zumba class was super fun and after a quick drive to Fitzroy Street, we settled on The Banff Café for breakfast, which had some strong reviews in its favour.

It was lovely and cosy inside with large windows to let the light in, and the wood floors and furniture, red lampshades and light yellow walls gave the place a real warmth.

The counter where they made coffee and POS was at the front, with a cabinet full of yummy muffins!

We found a table for two by the window and sat down to check out the menu. I immediately noticed an item that consisted of smashed avocado with feta, lemon and tomato on toast with toasted pepitas. We both ordered that with an additional poached egg for a bit of extra protein, and I got my usual strong soy latte.

The soy latte looked great, but the froth job didn’t produce the creamiest result.  There was quite a bit of head and it was a bit bubbly instead of being like a light mousse.  Despite this, it went down a treat.

Our breakfast arrived shortly after.  It looked great, except for a few upsets…

  • The menu said there was feta but I only found one piece of feta… ONE piece!  You can actually see it there next to the poached egg.  That was it.  The menu also said lemon – but I didn’t really sense the presence of lemon either.
  • The second upset was the raw tomato.  It wasn’t grilled, sautéed, fried or anything.  Just plain, cold, unseasoned tomato slices.  How disappointing.

The good points about this breakfast were the egg, which was poached beautifully, and the bread, which was a delicious, crusty sourdough with that moist gummy texture.  The pepitas were a nice touch too.

It was a nice breakfast but I was expecting something better from a café on Fitzroy Street in St Kilda, especially one that was getting the ratings and reviews it was.  The staff were really attentive and friendly and the atmosphere of the place had a certain charm, but the breakfast was lacking.

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