Mountain Goat Brewery, Richmond

I wouldn’t call it a date night but Dave and I were heading out to do more than just sit at the pub and drink beer.  We were going SWING DANCING!!!  Back in my university days, I picked up swing dancing with Swing Patrol and did it for about two years.  It’s just a fun, cool style of dancing that doesn’t involve too much sexy grinding moves like salsa.  It’s about having fun and dancing to happy music!  I found out that the Fun Pit in Richmond was still on and thought I’d drag Dave along to have a look.

Still, before dancing, we needed sustenance, and Dave had a pizza craving that needed to be satisfied.  The best pizza place was apparently the Mountain Goat Brewery in Richmond – a place only open for pizza and beer on Friday nights – how incredibly convenient!

We arrived at the illuminated warehouse building at about 7:30.  It was fairly quite outside except for a few smokers standing around a bucket filled with sand.  There was an element of mystery and secrecy about this place.  We pulled open the warehouse door and BAM… the cold night outside disappeared as we walked into a warm expanse of chatting beer-drinkers.

The warehouse had a high ceiling and polished concrete floors.  To our left was the bar where you can order pizzas and pints of fresh Mountain Goat beer.  In the far left corner was the brewing equipment, shiny stainless steel that was lit up as a feature of the room.  The rest of the space was full of couches, stools and tables.

We approached the bar and ordered two pizzas and two pints – $45 – wow.  it better be incredible.  We found a spot on the corner of a crowded table and waited for our pizzas while we sipped beer. I got the Steam Ale, a golden coloured beer that was light, refreshing and perhaps a teeny bit fruity.

About 20 minutes later our pizzas arrived on wooden boards.  Dave got a goats cheese & prosciutto pizza, which was super salty and full of flavour.  My pizza had spicy salami and black olives, but considering the name of the pizza had something to do with a volcano, it definitely could have been spicier.  Bloody westerners can’t handle their chilli!

The base of the pizza was light and fluffy with no soggy bits, but there was something missing.  If I had a pizza craving, it would not have been satisfied with these pizzas.

I really liked the atmosphere of this place – the mysterious exterior and the spacious area inside simply screamed “Work Function!” or “50th Birthday!” We did find the place to be a bit pricey so make sure you fill your wallet before coming down.

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