Thyme on the Terrace, Warrandyte

I had just completed the Tough Bloke Challenge – a killer 6km course with obstacles like worming through pitch-black concrete tunnels, climbing log walls and crawling through mud trenches covered in barbed wire.  

When I had conquered Hells Gate and crossed the finish line, there was one thing on my mind…


Because it was in the Warrandyte area, I was interested to see what the cafés had to offer.  I used to come to Warrandyte in the summer to cool off in the river, but that was when I was a stupid uni student and didn’t do breakfast in the afternoon if I wasn’t hungover.  The appreciation for a good café breakfast has come with age.
We found the quaint little place called Thyme on the Terrace, that had a wonderful cottage feel with the white table cloths, green window frames, brickwork and wooden wall features.  Inside, they had a display full of yummy cakes and muffins.
The staff were mainly young girls that were a little disorganised.  One girl had taken our coffee orders before a different girl took our breakfast orders.  A few minutes later, the original girl came back to ask what we would like for breakfast.  Oops…
I started off with a soy latte.  I haven’t had one of these in months!  Probably since Ali got attacked in May 2011 and we had to pay a ridiculous vet bill and I promised myself that I would stop having $3.50 soy lattes every morning to make up the difference.  

Either way, it was pleasant to drink, even though the soy wasn’t topped with micro-froth.  It was probably the brand of soy they used that was letting them down.

For food, I ordered Elmo’s Breakfast with tomatoes, avocado, hash browns and bacon, but with the additional poached egg and gluten-free bread.  It arrived shortly afterwards looking spectacular, with a comment from the waitress that it was her favourite breakfast ever.

I have to say that after finishing this plate off, it is one of the best breakfasts I’ve had.  My first bite was a piece of avocado on some hash brown and it was magnificent!  The moist and creamy texture of the ‘alligator pear’ combined with the salty crispiness of the golden hash brown was heaven!

After a few bites of the perfectly cooked, quality bacon and juicy fried tomato, I pierced the egg, and from the gash bled a sticky flow of sunshine!

The gluten-free bread was the perfect sponge.  Instead of being dense and gummy like sourdough, the bread was light, fluffy and absorbent.  I ate everything with everything else and at equal paces.  I just wanted to try all the flavours with each other.  A thoroughly enjoyable and filling breakfast!

I’d like to say that I’ll be back soon for a scrumptious repeat but it’s… it’s just a bit too far to travel, especially if I have a hangover, and if I’m going to do a massive mission for breakfast, I’d sooner go down to Las Chicas in Balaclava for a Bikini Blowout, Brekky Burrito or a BLAT.  It is, after all, my favourite breakfast joint ever – one that I haven’t been to since I started blogging because I moved to the northern suburbs, but when I do… you’ll be the first to know about it!

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