Kebab HQ, Heidelberg

It was going to be one of the happiest nights of my life.  Never did I ever think that I would get to see 10cc live in concert.  You’re probably thinking, “Who the hell is 10cc?”, but you know them a lot better than you think you do…

Let’s also not forget about this little diddy…

Anyway, on our way to the gig, I couldn’t stop thinking about kebabs so we stopped off in Heidelberg for a quick bite to eat.  We found a good looking place called Kebab HQ on Burgundy Street.  I believe it used to be called the Burgundy Kebab House, and it got rave reviews under that name.  Have they maintained their excellence with the new façade?

The interior was clean and slick and I started to salivate as soon as I saw the rotating spikes of meat behind the counter.  I ordered a mixed meat kebab with the usual garlic and chilli sauce.  Gotta love the burn… 
They arrived not long after, wrapped in several layers of foil.  Once you’ve peeled back all the layers and take your first bite, there’s no turning back.  The bread of a kebab can make or break the deal, but this establishment gets the blue ribbon.  They used a soft and fluffy flat bread that was absolutely beautiful as an envelope for the succulent filling.

The insides were just as delicious, with the salty lamb and marinated chicken, fresh lettuce and tomato.  The garlic and chilli sauces provided excellent lubrication and flavour.

If you are ever in the Heidelberg area, craving for a kebab, go to Kebab HQ.  They’ll take care of you for a small fee of $8.50.
Once we had food in our bellies, we headed over to Shoppingtown Hotel to watch the gig.  Best… night… ever… 

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