Cornutopia, Preston

My boss came into work the other day fussing about a new taco van in town.

“The Taco Truck?” I exasperated.
“No, a different taco truck.  It’s called Cornutopia.”

She brought their menu in so we could peruse during the week and when Friday finally rolled around, we went out on an excursion for corn chips, tortillas and beans!

The van was pretty cute, painted with golden sun rays painted and decorated with vine leaves.  They even had a small sitting area where you can ‘dine in’ al fresco style amongst the bustle of the Preston Markets.  Each table was adorned with a little cactus to accompany you while you munch.

Their very simple menu was displayed on black boards next to the serving window.  There are four basic options – mexican breakfast, tacos, sweet corn in a cup or tex-mex plates.

Lucy and Simon go the huevos rancheros at $6.50 each.  It was a fried egg served on a soft corn tortilla with tomato, red onion, coriander, beans, corn and cheese with a dollop of guacamole.  It looked magnificent and smelt just as good.  I’d definitely have that for breakfast any day!

Lucy also ordered the mexican corn with butter, mayonnaise, cayenne pepper, parmesan and lemon.  She said it wasn’t like the corn she got when she was in Mexico.

I couldn’t make up my mind so I told the guy I wanted beans, chicken and salsa.  The cook overhead and recommended one chicken taco and one veggie taco, and I’ll get all my heart’s desires for $9. DEAL!

When my name was called, I picked up my tacos from the serving window.  They were arranged side by side with a few corn chips in a paper dish.

The veggie taco contained kidney beans with sweet corn, fresh tomato salsa, iceberg lettuce and their secret Mexican herbs and spices, all squirted with sour cream.  It was fresh, but not particularly fancy because most of it ended up on my fingers and face. Ok.. perhaps the food is fancy, but I sure as hell ain’t!

The chicken taco contained seasoned chicken strips with the same salsa, lettuce and secret Mexican powder, with the same intricate sour cream squiggle.  It was also fresh and juicy, and the chicken pieces were well cooked and seasoned to perfection.

I turned up the heat with some of their homemade chipotle sauce, which was not only very spicy, but also had a warm depth and richness to it that I assume was added by cocoa.  Their chimichurri sauce was fresh and zesty, but a little more moisture from oil or citrus juice would have been good.

I give this food outlet the big tick of approval:

  • really friendly service
  • fresh food bursting with flavour
  • great prices
  • al fresco dining area with a great atmosphere
  • vegetarian friendly
  • close to where I work so I can have it often =D
All I have to do now is figure out a way to convince Dave to come here for breakfast with me one morning.

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