Transport Public Bar, CBD

It was well overdue for another catch up dinner with Helen and Casey.  Last time, we went to The Exchange Hotel on King Street and it wasn’t too bad; my Turkish Delight pizza was mediocre.  This time, we met at the usual place – Transport Public Bar at Federation Square.

It has quite the industrial feel with the concrete slabs and chrome piping.  I don’t mind it in summer, but with the chilly breeze that night, it would have been nice if they closed the doors. We sat down at a table in the sunroom and ordered.

Casey went with the steak sandwich and Helen got the BLT, both came with french fries.  In true NoSugarVember fashion, I ordered the 300g scotch fillet steak with garlic butter and undressed salad.  I’ve learnt my lesson from past experiences and ordered it medium rare with the idea that they’ll overcook it and then it’ll be just right.  They refused the steamed veggie replacement for the chips and after I paid at the counter, I felt a little jibbed - $29 for steak and salad. great…
After you order, you get one of those buzzer things that you take back to your table, and when your food is ready, it beeps and vibrates.  I was watching it like a hawk because I was starving and when another tables beeper went off, I got uplifted with anticipation, then slammed down with disappointment.  Despite my desperation to eat, it didn’t feel like a long wait; probably about 10-15 minutes.
We walked back to the counter to collect our meals and Helen and Casey’s were all ready and looking spectacular.  I saw my steak in the pass with a blob of garlic butter impailed to the meat with a toothpick, but no greens.  The journey between the pass and the counter changed that – a chef put one serving of fresh salad next to the steak, then dumped another right on top.  AWESOME!  DOUBLE SALAD!! All jibbed-ness forgiven!
My shirt was wet with drool by the time I got back to the table with our meals.  The steak looked great and that garlic butter smelt amazing.

My first bite was bliss.  Tender, juicy meat cooked perfectly medium.  It fell apart in my mouth with minimal chewing.  My first thought was, The Meat & Wine Co. would benefit from a few tips from these guys – ambrosial.  As I worked my way through the steak, it maintained it’s quality and the savoury flavour of the garlic butter complemented it beautifully.

The salad was also excellent – super fresh with rocket, cucumber, tomato and spanish onion.  Because there was heaps of steak juice and melted butter on my plate, I tossed the salad in that to give it a bit of moisture, which just made it better.  I might need to try that at home – melted butter on salad.  YUM!
Anyway, totally smashed the steak.  What a fantastic meal! 

We like the Transport Public Bar because it’s in a convenient location, the atmosphere isn’t too wanky and the food is great.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad meal there.  Service doesn’t really factor in because they don’t come to your table, but I will mention that the girl who took my order wasn’t very friendly.  Everyone else was though and I don’t doubt that I’ll be back again for another hot beef injection.
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