The Good Loaf, Bendigo

On our way out of Bendigo, I had to stop past this bakery to grab some sourdough bread. It looked like an old car wash that had been turned into a café, with chairs and tables and red geraniums out the front and the baking operations in the back.

The staff were young and packing up for the day, but they still had some bread on the shelf for purchasing. There was no hesitation from the hip dude behind the counter to recommend the corn bread – it was soft and fresh and on special – SOLD! I also grabbed a good looking hunk of olive sourdough bread.

This was my first time with corn bread and I was pleasantly surprised. A slice of the stuff was soft and morish, with polenta on the crust to add extra texture. I have to say, it was my favourite of the two.

The olive sourdough was also great – proper sour flavour with lots of olive pieces dotted through the loaf.

Dave and I had grilled open sandwiches for dinner – tuna, Spanish onion and cheese on corn bread, and olives, ham and tomatoes on olive bread. Delicious and easy. I’ll be back, Good Loaf. I’ll be back, you addictive muthalickas!

The Good Loaf sourdough bakery and cafe on Urbanspoon

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