The Rose Hotel, Fitzroy

It was going to be another typical Thursday night in Fitzroy, but this time my sister would be hanging with us. I was happy to go to the Commercial Club Hotel because their steaks are awesome, but we ended up at The Rose Hotel.

Tucked away in the backstreets behind Palookaville, The Rose is a cosy, modest pub with quite a selection of pub grub, including different cuts of steak, parmas, veal schnitzel, curries and other bibs and bobs. Cin and I were hungry, and we both wanted steak and parma. We ordered both and agreed to split them. Sweet… two meals in one night.

The meals came out quick. I started off with the scotch steak cooked to medium with salad and steamed vegetables.

The steak was good. Usually steaks can easily be overcooked but they seemed to nail it with an impressive amount of soft pink in the middle of my meat. Almost medium-rare.

The sauce was a bit tasteless and watery, and the steamed vegetables were tired and stale. The salad however, was fantastic. Everything was fresh, crisp and laden with bean sprouts. I think this is the first pub meal I’ve ever had where they included bean sprouts! The dressing was mild and provided great flavour and lubrication. I could have downed a whole bowl of the stuff…

Next up was the parma. When we told the boys that we ordered it, they mewed doom and gloom – it’s mega thin, factory crumbed, it’s the worst parma in Fitzroy… worst parma in the world – you get the idea. Regardless, I was still curious.

It came out looking fine. A big hunk of chicken with the melted cheese over the top, with chips underneath and that bean sprout salad on the side. Presentation was fine, although the cheese could have been a little more grilled.

I took a bite out of the chicken and it was hot, crispy and yum. It wasn’t as thin as what the boys were saying. The only thing about the parma that was poor was the napoletana sauce. It was really acidic and immature, as if it was straight out of the jar. Because of this, its flavour took over. I didn’t notice if there was any ham on the parma; it just all tasted like sauce.

The chips were disappointing. They could have been cooked more and they were unseasoned. I don’t usually like to add more salt to my meal but I had to.

The Rose is a cute little pub with attentive staff, but it might be time for their food to get a makeover. I’d be willing to come back and try something else, but I won’t actively seek out another dinner time at the Rose.

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