Trenta Cuccina, Yarraville

A birthday lunch for an old colleague dragged me out to the western suburbs; a good 40min drive from home. The place was Trenta Cuccina, a little Italian restaurant tucked away on Ballarat Street.

The insides were all wooden – the chairs and tables, the floor and walls and the separator between the kitchen and the eating area. It was definitely clean, but a little cold and dark. They relied on the front windows for light but the day was overcast and grey. Perhaps the atmosphere would be better in summer.

Reading the menu, it was the typical Italian fare – pasta, risotto, chicken and steak. I can’t justify paying for pasta and rice so I went with the roasted chicken breast stuffed with pistachio mousse, served with potato rosti, a homemade tomato salsa and steamed vegetables.

The wait for our meals was quite lengthy. I supposed their tactic is to make sure you’re starving before serving the food. It looked alright; really colourful and fresh, and while the taste wasn’t bad either, I guess I was expecting more.

The chicken was well cooked but the pistachio stuffing didn’t really make a statement. I’m not sure how they managed to create a soggy rosti that was burnt, but it happened and I pushed it to the side. The vegetables were the best part – freshly steamed with a very subtle dressing.

I don’t think the meal was worth the price, the waiter needed a haircut and the place just didn’t seem warm and friendly. I’m not gonna rush back any time soon.

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