Sakana Japanese Café, Preston

Sometimes I just want a light lunch, but there is nothing around work except for pizza, kebab or fish and chips. On this day, I decided to put my jacket on and catch the train to the closest Japanese place in the area, Sakana Japanese Café in Preston. We had always walked past this place on our way to Noodle Kingdom or Pho Hung, and I was always curious, but my craving for raw fish is what broke the camel’s back.

The insides are fairly modest. A few stooled seating spots to the side and the main counter had pre-made sushi rolls and packs behind the glass, and a made-to-order menu above. I went with an entrée serving of gyoza and a freshly made nigiri pack.

The nigiri came out first and looked deliciously colourful. There were three salmon nirigi, two prawns and an egg one, and they came with a dishlette of wasabi on the side. These morsels were so fresh, clean and tender, they disappeared within a minute.

The gyoza came out shortly after in a small bowl with a sweet chilly sauce. It would have been nice to try to gyoza without being covered in the overpowering sauce, but the dish was still tasty and over too quickly.

This little gem will become my regular healthy lunch spot.

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