The Commercial Club Hotel, Fitzroy

I was looking forward to being a couch potato when I got home, but because we didn’t take meat out of the freezer, the dinner situation seemed like it would require effort. Dave came up with the solution – let’s go to the pub!

Our mates were hanging out at the Commercial Club Hotel on Nicholson Street, one of the last pubs in Fitzroy that still has a sleepy, easy-going atmosphere. There are little nooks where you can chat quietly with mates and there is a small dining room as well. I’ve been here before – for Parksy’s 30th – but it wasn’t sleepy that night.

One of the things that stands out about the menu here is that it’s cheap – $16 for a parma, $20 for a scotch fillet steak, $12 for a steak sandwich – nice! Because it was my first time eating here, I went with the pub staple – the chicken parma.

It didn’t come out in a hurry, which means that care was taken to prepare my dinner, and it certainly looked like a typical parma, except the fillet was smaller than those gargantuan ones you get that cover two thirds of the plate. It still had a good amount of well cooked, crispy chips that needed a little extra seasoning, with a fresh, green salad on the side with tomato, cucumber and Spanish onion and a very light dressing.

Eating it was a pleasure. The chicken fillet was thick, tasty, juicy and fresh, and after I finished the meal, I was perfectly satisfied instead of bursting at the seams. It reminded me of Palookaville, and their philosophy that is based on America’s huge wastage of good food because portions are oversized and filled with low quality ingredients.

Everyone daned their plate and was happy.

The End.

P.S. Ania let me try some of her Beef and Stout Pie – a cute little thing with a dollop of mashed potato on the top with a side of peas and carrots. The mouthful I had tasted just like a beef pie should taste – LIKE BEEF! I get sick of beef pies tasting like gravy because the baker is too cheap to use quality beef. This pie was beefy!

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