Chicken & Seafood King, Ballarat

We were heading home from the Grampians when we stopped off at Ararat for a pee break. The smell of fried chips and salty battered fish was in the air and it whet our appetites. While we weren’t completely hungry then, by the time we got to Ballarat an hour later, we were ready for some fish and chips.

The sucky thing about country towns is that they shut down earlier than in the city, so it was really tough finding an outlet that was open. We drove straight though the guts of the CBD, past Bakery Hill and Ballarat Central and found nothing. It wasn’t until we were about to turn around and go home empty handed that we saw an illuminated sign that read Fish and Chips, in the window of the Chicken and Seafood King.

This place wasn’t your typical fish and chip joint. They also did soups, salads, stews and chicken. We went with what we craved, battered flake with a potato cake and a prawn, and some chips.

It took a while because the place was fairly busy. I suppose if you were the only fish and chip shop open in town on a Sunday night, it’d be expected that you would be busy. We sat down and watched the news on their mounted TV about Amy Winehouse’s death, waiting for our number to be called. We took our food to go and munched it in the car. It was getting late and I was dying to be in my jim-jams on the couch at home.

The result was delicious. These guys know how to fry food. The chips were perfectly cooked and crispy, but could have done with a bit more salt. The flake was tender and juicy with no fishiness which means it was fresh. My prawn, while small, was also tasty and fresh. If only they had fish and chip shops like this in Reservoir.

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