Empire Cafe Gallery, Brunswick

I had just finished a tough class of Krav Maga and I was on my way to a working bee when I thought I better fuel up with a decent breakfast. With the chance that I might bump into an old mate, I ventured down to the Empire Cafe.

I love this place. I remember coming a year ago and just looking around in awe at the funky interior. Out back they have art hanging at the back for sale and at the front, you’ve got gorgeous graffiti murals, skateboards and cool staff. Last time, I had their delicious Brekky Roll –bacon, egg, cheese, spring onion and BBQ sauce squished into a massive sesame seed bun. I was salivating just thinking about eating it again and when I got there, the biggest bonus was now they had a half serve! I ordered that with a soy latte.

The soy latte was ambrosial. Smooth, creamy and delicious. It went down faster than a $2 hooker. They know how to make coffee.

The brekky roll was just as delicious as I remembered, sans spring onion. In any case, it was juicy and scrumptious with the perfectly cooked bacon, fried egg, slice of cheese and BBQ sauce. Sweet, salty and pure goodness all rolled into one.

Empire Cafe is cool, funky, and summarises Brunswick culture into a cute little package. They have plenty of breakfast options, are vegetarian-friendly and are open for lunch as well. A definite sexy spot!

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