The Royston, Richmond

Dad’s heading overseas for a few weeks so we took him out to dinner to the Royston in Richmond. There have been so many times lately where the Royston has been chosen runner up to another pub, so this time I took away any excuses. The reviews I was given about this place really got my expectations up as well, so I was curious to see if it’d live up to its reputation. Not only is it a pub grub bar, but also a gastro pub and microbrewery.

The decor was a little disappointing. I guess they thought that if they got some funky lamp shades then they could forget about the untiled floor, the creepy locker room toilets, or the other little details that were falling apart. Ah well… the tables were nice and they had an interesting selection of beer.

I ordered the Stone and Wood Pacific Ale because it smelt like pineapple juice. It was a light beer, very easy to drink and had a cloudy, bright yellow complexion.

The starter was a small bowl of veal meatballs in a green pepper sauce. The balls were firm, not juicy at all, and very peppery. Not spicy, but peppery. In fact, those balls could have been made out of anything, and still would have tasted peppery. The brown gravy sauce they came in was peppery also, but we saved the bowl once the balls were gone so we could dip our chips in the gravy.

I ordered the Moroccan Chicken Breast Burger with babaganoush, cheese, tomato relish, lettuce, red onion and a side of chips. I was excited about having a burger with babaganoush in it. My friend Jovie got me into babaganoush when we worked together and it is delicious! When my meal landed in front of me, I used my finger to pick up that splodge of babaganoush that plopped out of my burger and the initial taste made me sad. The babaganoush was bad, and this was going to make my burger bad.

Unfortunately, if it wasn’t for the babaganoush, the burger would have been alright. The chicken was thick and juicy, the bread was great and the salad refreshing. The tomato relish was sweet, but it was essential for flavour and moisture. The chips were good but in a very average sort of way. The babaganoush… ruined everything. I palmed half of the burger off for Cin’s amazing Parma.

Cin’s parma was… amazing. It was a good-looking piece of chicken, covered with flavourful ham, Napolitana sauce and melted mozzarella on top of those average chips and a rocket salad. OMG… best parma I’ve ‘had’ in a long time. The tasty ham really shone through and each mouthful was moorish and addictive. If I go back to the Royston, I will get this.

Dave got the Grass Fed Aged Eye Fillet, cooked medium with hand cut chips, rocket salad and red wine jus. Firstly, his chips were awesome. All the chips would have been hand cut. Secondly, his steak ROCKED! It was so tender and juicy and the red wine jus didn’t take away any of the delicious meat flavour. If I go back to the Royston, I will get this.

My final note is that if I go back to the Royston, I will get anything but the Moroccan Chicken Breast Burger. Unfortunately, there’s nothing really drawing me back, unless I develop an appreciation for beer. However, the parma will be at the back of my mind always.

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