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I’d like to get regular trivia meetings up and running and the first place to try out was the Terminus in Clifton Hill. I’ve heard that they have excellent food, including steaks, parmas and burgers. Their trivia night was Tuesday so we all marked the calendar and met up for dinner and quiz.

The interior would have been so much cooler if we could actually see it. The bar was well lit but the eating area, especially the corner where we were sitting, was very dark. There was a cramp assortment of high tables with stools and low tables with chairs and the windows that looked out over the Hoddle Street/Queens Parade intersection were topped with stained glass.

When we got there, Helen and Talon were waiting for us while they were chewing on their entre. They had a leftover battered prawn on a stick, otherwise known as the Crystal Bay Prawns with sweet chilli dipping sauce. This was moist and succulent and delicious, and the dipping sauce dripped down the sides and onto my hands while I fumbled with the prawn. Very yummy.

When it came to ordering mains, I didn’t feel like steak so I went with a Beef Burger, claimed to be the best in Melbourne. BAH! It looked good, I’ll give it that. The burger was presented on a rounded, wooden chopping board with a bowl of chunky homemade chips and a dishlette of aioli. The massive burger was in a toasted sesame bun with cos lettuce, heaps of pickles and a tomato relish, pierced with a giant toothpick to hold it all together.

The hand cut chips were great. Crispy and solid, very similar to the chips at Yeah Maan Restaurant. The aioli sauce complexed me throughout the meal because I couldn’t pinpoint that flavour that wasn’t usually there. It was still rich in flavour, but because it was so dark, I couldn’t actually see the green tinge to the sauce, which would have told me that the secret ingredient is basil. Tasty!

With the burger, I may has well have saved myself $15 and bought a Whopper from Hungry Jacks. The burger would have been great if it wasn’t overpowered by the tangy pickles and sweet tomato relish.

Dave shared a medium 900g dry-aged, grass fed Rib eye with Talon, and it came with roasted shallots, rocket salad and rosemary fries with aioli.

The steak was perfectly cooked, smokey and tender, in a red wine jus with the roasted shallots on top.

The chips and salad came in a different bowl, and Dave mentioned that the salad was exceptional; not boring at all. There was heaps of red onion and tomato amongst the rocket and the dressing was tangy.

When trivia was almost over, Ania and I got hit with the sweet tooth and ordered a vanilla panna cotta with fresh, quartered strawberries, strawberry sorbet and delicate fairy floss on top. This was so dreamy… and white!

Panna cotta is Italian custard that is silky and smooth but not sickly sweet. It was topped with strawberry sauce, fresh strawberries and the sorbet, which was absolutely divine, celestial; three different kinds of strawberry flavour. The fairy floss must have been home made, and added a wonderful, toffee-like texture to the mouthful. Once you get to the bottom of the bowl, you can see the minuscule vanilla seeds and you wipe them up with your finger. Super yum.

I’d like to eat at the Terminus again, and do the trivia. The questions and activities were a little different and heaps of fun. Their burger is definitely not the best in Melbourne, and their parma didn’t look super either, but I will have to try their steaks. I think that’s what everyone is raving about anyway.


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One thought on “Terminus Hotel, Clifton Hill

  1. I have consistently eaten at the Terminus Hotel since the pub was renovated. The food has always been good value for money and expertly cooked. Notable dishes have been the Pork Belly and always the steaks. The Béarnaise sauce made properly and the demi glaze always reduced to the right high gloss texture. Yes, I’m an ex chef and I know quality when I eat it. The wines are excellent especially the Mt Benson Red when on the list try it! The beers are flavoursome and if you are British like me you will appreciate real beer with taste at last in Australia. Did I mention the beautiful Chocolate pudding, to die for with the pistachio ice cream, I’m also an ex Patisserie, as well. For me the best pub food in Melbourne. Try it.

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