The Grand, Richmond

It was my last day at work, and for my send-off, we went to The Grand for dinner and drinks. The day was gorgeous, so we sat outside to soak up some sun. Their beer garden is awesome. Lush vegetation, shade brollies and cosy settings.

The first round of nibbles included an olive and salami pizza with capsicum and oregano, and a bowl of chunky chips with chilli mayo.

The pizza was great from the point of the wedge, but once you get closer to the crust, you may as well leave it. Most of the juicy, savoury flavours were in the centre. It would have been nice to spread it out further towards the crust, but ah well. Gorgeous tastes, regardless.

The chunky chips were a little tired and floppy, and the chilli mayo was average but still a nice dipping sauce. If the chips had just a little crunch, they would have been heaps better.

The next round was tempura zucchini flowers stuffed with cheese, and served with rocket salad and olive tapenade, and a bowl of fries with tomato sauce.

The fries were fries… let’s move to the zucchini flowers.

These were fkn awesome! The handle of the flower bulb was a small, succulent mini zucchini, but the main event was what was inside the flower – creamy, moorish cheese.

Once you take a bite, you scoop up the olive tapenade into the cheese and take the last bite of the flower and you’re in heaven. While my previous experiences at the Grand haven’t been fantastic, this… THIS… was incredible. I will be back.

Grand Hotel Dining Room on Urbanspoon

P.S. Thank you so much to Michelle, Jovie, Monica, Peter, Geoff, James, Alan and Glenn for coming to my farewell drinks. I’ll miss you guys.

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