Melbourne Kebab Station, Coburg

Valentine’s Day, and the minimum effort expected was to take me to a kebab joint. Originally, we were gonna go to Haci’s but for some reason, I wanted to try something new. We trolled the internet for a place with a good review, and settled on Melbourne Kebab Station on Sydney Road in Coburg, because apparently it was one of the best kebab places in Melbourne.

The brightly lit place was buzzing with business. There were about six or seven people behind the counter to form an assembly line of meat cutting, customer service and food preparation. There were also about six or seven people in the store, waiting to order, waiting for their order, or eating their order.

You know you’re at a real Turkish kebab joint when they use Turkish bread. They cut the massive piece of bread in half and cover one half in whatever sauce you want, and the other half in lettuce, tomato, onion and a pile of shredded meat. I chose mixed meat with chilli and garlic sauce, no onion. Dave got the regular with onion.

She did mess up our order a little. She put chilli sauce on Dave’s onion kebab before they put the meat on but I was easy going and told her to not worry about picking the onion off. She took $1 off the price because of the mix up.

We took the kebabs home and tucked in. While the overall flavour was alright, there were a few disappointments. Despite being well seasoned and marinated, the meat was shredding into such tiny pieces, they dried out and seemed unsubstantial. There wasn’t enough sauce to counteract the dryness either, and it seemed to finish on a greasy note.

I’d like to say that perhaps this place produces better kebabs in the early hours, but they close at 9pm! Maybe I caught them on a bad night, because I wouldn’t count this place as one of the best.

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4 thoughts on “Melbourne Kebab Station, Coburg

  1. First rule of kebabs :Never take away them
    Secondly try their chicken shish plate and u will agree the have the best keba s in town

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