Fish Hut, Reservoir

It was the evening after our massive housewarming and there was no way I was going to cook anything. We didn’t feel like pizza, or Chinese, or KFC, so we opted for fish and chips.

We ordered battered flake, potato cake, minimum chips and a fried dim sim, and for something a little unusual, a fish souvlaki.

The piece of flake was huge, but it could have been crispier. The potato cake was unmemorable and could have been crispier. The chips were undercooked, floppy and tired. On a lighter note, my fried dim sim was salty and crisp, and tasty dipped in soy sauce.

The fish souvlaki was a little disappointing. It was a grilled piece of flake, with the usual lettuce, tomato and garlic sauce but it just seemed there was no flavour, no zing, no zest. A squeeze of lemon wouldn’t have gone astray, or more salt.

Fish Hut is the closest fish and chip shop to our house, but I’m gonna go out on the prowl for a new one. Preferably one run by Greeks.

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2 thoughts on “Fish Hut, Reservoir

  1. If you want awesome fish n chips run by Greeks, try Starfish Seafood in Church St, Whittlesea. You won't be disappointed. Open every day for lunch & dinner except Mondays.

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