Munsterhaus, Fitzroy North

Yay! Holiday lunch date with Sarah, and she chose Munsterhaus as the destination. This is a new cafe that focuses on vegetarian food and prices are by the plate, not by the menu item. They’re not scrimpish either, and pile the plate with all the goodies they have on display.

The inside of the place is really cute and simplistic, with wooden, vintage furniture and even old school ducks hanging from the wall. It’s modest, fresh, and a perfect location for an early lunch.

I got the medium plate, which was $12.50, and the items I chose were: tabouli, quinoa salad, chilli beans, tofu salad, glass noodle salad, turmeric cauliflower with a dollop of tofu tahini, with a wedge of cheese foccacia and a mini baguette.

First of all, forget about the chilli beans. Maybe it’s just me but they really didn’t turn me on. Things that were generally good were the tabouli, quinoa salad, foccacia slice and cauliflower. The tofu tahini was really pleasant and sort of reminded me of hommus mixed with sour cream. I’d like to go back and try it with something else.

The real stand outs were the tofu salad and the glass noodle salad. The tofu was marinated in sweet chilli sauce so they had a mildly sweet spiciness, while the glass noodle salad dressing was flavoursome, sort of like sweet and sour.

The baguette, while just a stick of bread, was still appreciated for its unpretentious and humble flavour, and was a great sponge to wipe the plate at the end.

My soy latte was spot on; smooth with no bitter taste, and after abstaining from coffee for the last three days, this went down faster than you can say fuggenell tuckiteezy.

The Munsterhaus is a great little vegie cafe for brunch, lunch or afternoon tea. It’s quiet and peaceful, and I’d make no hesitations to visit again for that tofu salad, and perhaps to try something else.

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