Cornish Arms Hotel, Brunswick

The first pub gathering for 2011 was at the Cornish Arms Hotel. Cav was back from the UK and doing a shift there, so it was a great opportunity to see him as well as our regular pub posse.

The Cornish is pretty cool. The well lit bar is at the front as you walk in, there are heaps of places to sit down and eat, and there’s a cute beer garden out back with Astroturf. The indoor plants, random couches and red lino on the walls makes the place nice and cosy, and I can imagine there are a few groups in the area that would have the Cornish as their local haunt.

While we were heading there, I was craving for a Chilli Bean Enchilada from the Standard, I think because I wanted sour cream. When I looked at the menu of the Cornish, the closest thing to resemble something Mexican was the Chilli Con Carne pizza. The Monday night special was a $12 Burger & Pot, and the burger options were the Cornish (beef), Clucker (chicken), Chilli, or Vegetarian burger. I asked the big bloke behind the bar to tell me about the Chilli option. He said that there was chilli in the beef patty. I ordered that, and asked to have sour cream on the side, and he said there’s already sour cream on top of the patty. SCORE!

It came out as expected – burger on one side of the plate and a pile of chips on the other side. The chips were alright. Probably a little overdone and a little under seasoned, but definitely better than some.

The burger itself was delicious; practically a Mexican burger. The beef patty captured the chilli flavour more than the chilli burn, but it was still a fiery burger because of the spicy but sweet tomato salsa and jalapeños. The sour cream was a beautiful and logical addition that not only added to the moisture of the burger, but also contributed to neutralising the burn of the chilli and piños.

The burger also contained tomato and lettuce, which played a minor role behind the scenes, and the bottom half of the Turkish bun had cheese melted into it, while the top half had garlic rubbed on it. YUM!

The plate was inhaled, and if I had prepared better, I would have daned it too. When I come to the Cornish Arms for dinner next time, I’d like to try their steak sandwich or their lamb shanks. They have the potential to reinvent boring, bland pub meals into something a little spicier or more tangy. Enough of catering for people who only eat Hawaiian pizza! Expand your horizons!

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