Cavallini, Clifton Hill

Lunchtime rolled around once again, and the Trivia boys invited me to indulge at Cavallini’s Artisan Bakery, Patisserie and Espresso Bar in Clifton Hill. I was expecting to be bankrupt after this excursion, but sometimes you have to choose quality over quantity.

I could tell by the look of the place that this was going to be something special, and I think I felt feelings of love and awe when I walked in.

Their display cabinet was full of the most colourful, beautifully decorated, homemade tarts, cakes, macaroons, slices and Sicilian cannoli, and while I resisted, I’ll be thinking about them later.

I ordered a pre-made baguette with chicken, avocado, tomato and cos lettuce and aioli mayonnaise. It was plated in halves, with the fillings overflowing, and it was great. The shredded chicken was mixed with seeded mustard, which gave it the same sweet tang that you can get from a tuna sandwich. The lettuce and tomato added freshness, and the avocado added creaminess. The bread itself was homemade and fresh with a thick chewy crust and soft, dense innards. In terms of quality and quantity, it was much the same as Friends Of Mine, only not as expensive.

The boys ordered a coffee, which looked magnificent. I would have joined them with the caffeine hit, but I’ve been a bit restless before bed these days and I need my sleep.

I also bought this sexy olive loaf, that had a delicious, chewy crust with soft, sourdough within, stuffed with heaps of black olives. Delicious with just butter, or with some antipasto, or lamb and tzatziki!

The enchanting décor and colours of this place are so beautiful; their tables are covered with little vintage Italian coffee adverts and the rustic chandelier is a gorgeous touch. It’s a shame that this place limits itself to fancy breads and sandwiches, sweets and coffee. If they did breakfast, I’d very much like to see what they come up with. Regardless, I will suggest morning coffee here next time we do a sleepover at the Girls’ place.

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