Angelica’s Pizzeria & Pasta, Dromana

Dave and I drove down to Dromana with the girls for dinner and actually tried to book for a Thai place called The Lighthouse Café because I had read some really good reviews about it, but it was booked out all night so we went to a pizza shop, purely because it smelt good from the outside.

After you the plastic door flaps aside to get into the joint, your vision experiences an ambush of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean images. Once you overcome that, the luminated menu above the counter listed all the toppings you can have, with most being standard ones, but there were a few toppings that looked new and exciting. I ordered a small pizza with half Angelica’s Special, half Potato.

Angelica’s Special was tomato, cheese, port sausage, basil and olive oil. The pizza was succulent and flavoursome. The tomato was real, sliced tomato that added a desired freshness that wasn’t drowned in heaps of cheese. The freshly torn basil was a nice touch as well. Shame about the pork sausage though. It was another kind of pork sausage, not so spiced like in a sausage and egg McMuffin, then it would have been really good.

The Potato Pizza involved tomato, cheese, sliced potato, bacon and garlic. Holy fkn shit this pizza was so delicious. Imagine cheesy scallop potatoes with bacon on top of a pizza. The potato was perfectly cooked and the amount of cheese and bacon was complimentary, but what really made this taste amazing was the garlic. So good.

I swapped Ania a slice of my potato pizza for a slice of Capricciosa because I wanted to try one of their standards. Their Capricciosa was the best I’ve ever had. You bite into the tip and it’s so juicy and delicious. The olives weren’t overpowering and the mushroom was just right, and there was plenty of cheese. Next time, I’m ordering half potato, half capricciosa.

Give these guys a go if you’re in the area. They make a damn good pizza, despite the cheesy decor.

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6 thoughts on “Angelica’s Pizzeria & Pasta, Dromana

  1. Sorry you didn't try LaBest…..then you would have had a taste of a life time….much better pizza. Take it from a local…

    • Hey thanks for the comment! I love recommendations! Awesome!

      I think we're heading down that way in a few weeks so I'll sample this LaBest and see if it really is a taste of a life time!

  2. Angelica’s is the best in Dromana, has been for so many years. Love your page dedicated to them!! Photos make me so hungry.. :-D

  3. You have made a beautiful tribute page for our beloved local pizza place, you have truly done it justice. Lovely job jaganaut.

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