Café Notturno, Carlton

We had built up a hunger getting the kaka shot out of us at paintball, so we drove over to Lygon Street for some din dins. We settled with Cafe Notturno, which was displaying their full spirit for the World Cup: Italian and Greek scarves hanging off the walls and strings of little flags criss-crossed the ceiling.

I ordered a glass of Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet. This was absolutely delicious; a sweet, rich smell and colour, with a peppery start and a smooth, gentle finish. A very drinkable wine.

I ordered the Chicken and Mushroom Risotto hesitantly. I’m going through a risotto phase and I was curious to see if the risotto that I cook at home was comparable to restaurant types. I was very pleased! My risotto is heaps better.
The chicken was dry and rubbery. If it was just a mushroom risotto, it would have been alright, but the chicken just ruined it and made me feel like I was at some cheap, shitty Italian rip off place. There wasn’t much spring onion in it either, which would have given it another dimension of flavour.
I put some parmesan and chilli flakes on the pale mound of risotto to give it more kick, and then I turned to Dave to tell him to remind me never get risotto when we’re eating out again.

Dave and his sister shared a large Salvatore’s Delight pizza, with tomato, cheese, ham, salami, mushroom, peppers, olives, pineapple, prawns and onion. I traded some of my risotto for a slice.
Unfortunately, there was waaaay too much onion and barely any cheese. I was thankful for the slice because it provided a relief from the risotto, but ultimately, it was disappointing.
We have recently tried a new local pizza place called Papa Luigi in Preston. The pizza at this joint is heaps tastier and juicer than this Italian cafe on Lygon street. Meh.

The service was good and the wine was very tasty, but unfortunately, I’d rather go to Fasta Pasta.

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2 thoughts on “Café Notturno, Carlton

  1. rather go to Fasta Pasta?? OUCH! they are gunna have a vendetta out on you, girl!

    Jess (& Matt)

    PS. Penfolds is one of my favourite labels! Koonunga Hill is awful good.

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